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What is the Ideal Practice Time For Yoga and Qigong?

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Traditionally we are told that the best time to practice yoga and qigong is at sunrise and sunset. These transition times in the daily cycle are considered to be an optimal earthly energy balance. From personal experience, I tend to agree. There is something about pausing with your qigong, yoga and/or meditation practice at dawn and dusk that feels energetically right. 
In reality, these times change during the seasons and it may not always be the best time for you to maintain consistency. 


I feel at my best when I have a consistent daily practice of yoga and qigong. You may notice that this rings true for you too. If we get too caught up in practicing at dawn and dusk we can easily slip into the kinds of patterns that are not helpful. In particular self-judgement. What if these times just don't work well for you? I know that for me personally sunrise in the summer is a little too early and a little too late in the winter. Therefore, I am more likely to suggest finding a time that fits your personal bio-rhythms and time restraints. Make it realistic and do-able so that you can maintain the consistency. 

Common Sense

Honour your body. Adapt your yoga and qigong practice to accommodate, illness, injury and fatigue. Steer clear of practicing too close to meal times. You will either be too distracted by feeling hungry or your body is focused on digestion following a meal.

Whatever your ideal practice time for yoga and qigong is.....

Remember consistency is the key to long lasting benefit.
You don't have to do it alone!

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