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Learn Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi this Summer

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Yoga, Meditation and Tai Chi Qigong to help reduce your stress - all you need is 10 mins a day!

Support Your Health and Optimize Your Resilience with Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi

Qigong helps us to balance our energy calming over-stimulation of the nervous system and re-energizing optimal flow. It is an extremely helpful practice to combat the effects of stress. Summer is a fabulous time to practice qigong. No equipment is required and it is a lovely practice to take outdoors whether at the park or the cottage.

This summer learn this simple and effective qigong form. 

What's included in your course?

A step by step guide to learning the 18 movements and simple theory of Tai Chi Qigong. 

Here is what will arrive in your mail box Tuesday and Thursday mornings beginning July 5 to August 25.
6 x movement lessons focused on learning each of the 18 movements with easy to follow instruction.
6 x theory in practice sessions to help deepen your understanding of qigong. 
2 x full length practice sessions for you to follow the full 18 movements as a standing and seated practice. 
2 x guided breathing sessions to help you master the inner awareness that enhances your qigong experience.

What Happens Next? 

Because consistency is the key to reap the many benefits of Tai Chi Qigong you will receive a link to continue with the Easy to Learn Tai Chi Qigong on-line course at the end of the summer. You will have unlimited access to the course at no extra cost. You can review the course content within the Easy to Learn Tai Chi Qigong on-line course as many times as you wish and become totally confident in your practice of Tai Chi Qigong. 

Summer Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi plus continued unlimited access to the Easy to Learn Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi on-line course 
Just C$67.00 including applicable taxes. 

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Cancellation Policy
  • Due to the virtual nature of this course there are no refunds.
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