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2022 Qigong and Yoga Monthly Classes on Zoom

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Yoga, Meditation and Tai Chi Qigong to help reduce your stress - all you need is 10 mins a day!

Both practices of Qigong and Yoga offer so many benefits to your health and vitality.

Imagine how amazing you can feel when combining the two modalities.

Join the monthly classes on Zoom.

Each session begins with breath awareness, follows with a gentle yoga warm-up and a qigong flow to balance the energy. A final relaxation follows to allow you time to fully absorb the benefits of your session. 

Feel both energized and relaxed.

*Third Wednesday of the month 10.30 am to 11.45 am EST 
2022 Dates
Nov 16 & Dec 14

Single Class $22.60 includes HST
Classes are complementary for members of the Daily 10 Minute Optimizer Membership Community [learn more]

Pay by e-transfer to
You can register up to 1 hour before the start of class.

No refunds. 
*Class dates are occasionally subject to change. 

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