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Bring in the New Year with A Resolution You Can Stick To

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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Resolve to Practice

Resolving to bring a daily self care practice into your life such as the [Easy to Learn Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi], or a combination of yoga, qigong and meditation as in the [Daily 10 Minute], can sound wonderful. You can most likely envision how fabulous you would feel as you reap the benefits of your daily personal practice. Indeed, the consensus is that a regular and consistent practice is key to positive results in terms of physical benefits and emotional and spiritual growth. So what to do to set the tone for success in the new year? 

What’s in it For You?

Begin by making a list of all the benefits you feel when you commit to your practice. Do it right now. Take 10 minutes for a short meditation or qigong practice. Try the [Free 3 Day Practice Challenge] Be mindful of how you feel before and after. Be sure to include the many levels that you feel the benefits, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Create your list as a reminder for yourself that this is important to you. Your list can be a motivator and reminder of your power to transform your life.

Personal Space

Create a defined personal practice space. It is so much easier to practice in a clear and defined space. It does not have to be large just designated. Keep what you need in this space. A mat, blanket, meditation cushion, mala or whatever props support your practice. Treat this space with respect and ask others to do so. Feel the energy of this practice space transform as you consistently use it for your [Daily 10 Minute] practice

Reality Check

Set a goal for practice that is realistic. Many resolutions fail simply because they are not possible to maintain. The 10 Minute sessions of the [Daily 10 Minute] are realistic making it easy to maintain. However, be sure to establish when and how this particular time fits into your daily schedule. If it helps schedule yourself into your calendar at the beginning of each week. Remember to treat your appointment with yourself with as much respect as you would if it were someone else.

Feeling Stuck

A daily practice is a continuous journey of self-growth and awareness. It is not always pretty! Expect days that challenge you. Treat these times as opportunities for growth and self-exploration. Where possible attend a regular class to join with others and keep you motivated. See the monthly class schedule [here].
Classes are included with the [Daily 10 Minute Optimizer Membership] for extra motivation. 

Be Kind to Yourself

So, you begin with your resolution firmly set and for the first 2 weeks you are totally committed. Then events happen as they do and you unavoidably miss a practice day or two. You could berate yourself and let your commitment wain along with a few doses of guilt and self-depreciation. You could create excuses and justify your actions to yourself (who is there to disagree)? Or you could treat yourself with loving kindness acknowledge a slip in your commitment to practice is inevitable and get back on track.

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