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Be in the Flow with Qigong

Feeling that we are in the "flow" we feel energized and ready for what life presents. Qigong teachs us to experience the flow through focused movement, breath, and meditation. When we practice regularly it is possible to feel in the "flow" more often as we develop the skills to regulate energy and awareness.

Learn simple and effective practices of Qigong to release the spine, balance energy and experience the flow of energy and fluidity of the spine. You will discover how Qigong can support a healthy, relaxed and energized state of mind and body. This is a satisfying and motivating approach for all whether you are a beginner or interested in deepening an existing practice.

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Qigong Mode and Tai Chi Posture Requirements 
Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi Set 1
Silk Reeling

Attend live on Wednesdays 11.00 am to 12.15 pm beginning July 8 to July 29 and August 5 to 26, 2020
Choose the recorded session option to follow at your leisure. Recorded sessions will be on You Tube. 

Pre-register for 4-weeks at $80 each 4 week session
Drop in $22.00 
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