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Where the Mind Goes the Energy Follows


Where the Yi Goes the Qi Follows. How to focus the power of your mind to positively influence your energy.

In Qigong, it is said that where the Yi goes the Qi follows. Think of Yi as conscious thought and Qi as vitality or universal energy. Where the mind goes the energy follows is an interesting concept. With practice, it is possible to experience this as sensation in the body. Indeed, a primary purpose of Qigong is to enhance and regulate qi.

In broader terms thought itself is energy. When we are conscious of the power of our thoughts we can transform the energy of those thoughts thus transforming the energy itself. Explore this concept. When you notice a thought especially in the form of negative self-talk. Is there some way you can change the thought? Re-phrase it in your mind. It might go something like this...

 You wake up and it is pouring rain. Your first thought is what a dreadful day it will be. Notice the energy in your body. Most likely it is not motivating you to get up and begin your day. You pause and re-phrase that thought. It might be something like this, “How miraculous it is that we are provided with one of our most essential needs in this way. Life giving rain just falling abundantly from the sky”. Notice the energy in your body. Most likely it has changed. 

The practices of Qigong can help us to refine our relationship to qi so that it is a conscious relationship. Remember where the Yi goes the Qi follows. Apply this to your Qigong practice and to your daily life.

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Linda Varnam is a Certified Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Qigong Instructor. She believes that traditional wisdom teachings of the practices of qigong and yoga offer very practical, accessible and profound tools for living joyfully and passionately in todays world. 


Try this simple breathing practice to experience this concept.

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