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Practicing At Home

Attending your weekly class, a workshop or retreat is rewarding in many ways. We can feel the joy of practicing with the guidance of an experienced instructor and the sense of belonging in a supportive community of likeminded people.  However, bringing your Qigong and Yoga practice into your daily routine at home can be of fabulous benefit. Consistency is the key. 

Try these 5 tips to get you motivated to begin and keep you motivated to continue. 

Designate a Practice Space 

This may be easy for you if you have plenty of space. Try not to get discouraged if you do not. The space does not need to be large. Use a yoga mat or meditation cushion to define the perimeters. Avoid having the space become cluttered with other furniture or other belongings. Keep it simple. As you use your space regularly it will take on its own energy. You will feel that sense of “coming home” just to be in your practice space. 

Let others know 

Explain to family members how important it is for you to have time for your daily practice. Let them know this is a time you do not wish to be disturbed. Set your boundaries and stick to them. Turn off your cell phone and remove any other electronic distractions. Remember we did once upon a time manage perfectly without constantly checking messages. 

Keep it Simple and Realistic

Keep your expectations of yourself realistic and keep your practice simple. No need to complicate things. The simplest practices can be the most profound. We can so easily fall into self-criticism. To avoid falling into the self-criticism and failure trap praise yourself each time you follow through with your practice. This is an achievement whether you managed to squeeze in a 5-minute meditation or a full 30 minutes of qigong. 

Just Begin

Many students tell me they do not know how to practice on their own. My suggestion is to simply begin. Take a few moments to lay back or sit quietly and breathe. Notice your breath. Connect to inner awareness. How does your body feel? Begin to move with any movement that feels right. Trust yourself. You will know what to do. 

Use Guidance

It is also helpful to use guidance such as following a video or listening to a guided meditation. If this is your preference check here for [guided meditations and qigong videos]. This can be particularly helpful if you feel discouraged for falling out of your habit of home practice. Click on one of the video links and get back to your practice easily and remember guilt free. 

My personal preference for a guided qigong practice. Check out the Silk Reeling video with Master Cheung [here]

My personal preference for a yoga prop. Check out the Beam by Nimbleback [here]


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Linda Varnam is a Certified Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Qigong Instructor. She believes that traditional wisdom teachings of the practices of qigong and yoga offer very practical, accessible and profound tools for living joyfully and passionately in todays world. 


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