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Labyrinth Walk

Walking a labyrinth has long been an opportunity for reflection, contemplation and clarity. 

You are invited to join a short qigong session to ground and connect to the earth, body and mind before taking a group walk into the labyrinth. 

We have been graciously granted permission to use the labyrinth, but please keep in mind that the grounds of Loretto Maryholme Spirituality Centre are not open to us. Many groups use the Centre for retreats and it is important that we do not interfere with their retreat process. Please park along the road (where permitted) and meet at the labyrinth. The Centre grounds are not public so please refrain from wandering into the grounds. The labyrinth only is open for our use.

Admission is free. You may make a donation to LMH if you wish. Bring cash in an envelope so that it can be left at the centre

This activity is weather dependent so do let me know if you are attending so that I can send a confirmation email on the morning of the event


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