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Exploring Mudra as an Invitation to Grounding


What are Mudras?   

There are many hand Mudras and the particular gesture of each one is specific to channeling energy flow in a certain way. This is an involved and fascinating study that is beyond the intention of this article.

In this guided meditation, I invite you to try just 3 different hand positions for the purpose of exploring “Can the practice of a specific Mudra contribute to a sense of grounding and calming?”

Follow the meditation to experience for yourself the possibility that we could use the Mudra Meditation for a calming and grounding effect.

Find it uncomfortable to sit for a length of time? Try these variations on your position while following the video;

Lay down. Support your arms with a rolled or folded blanket for more comfort with the mudras. Alternatively, leave your hands in any comfortable position and visualize using the hand position. 

Sit in a chair. As an option for comfort and support use the travel [Beam by Nimbleback].  Place the Beam length wise behind you to support your back. Alternatively you can try this same position with the travel Beam as you sit on the floor with your back against a wall.  

Shorten the time of the meditation. After listening to the video you can easily bring the mudras into your meditation practice for any length of time that feels right to you. 

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Linda Varnam is a Certified Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Qigong Instructor. She believes that traditional wisdom teachings of the practices of qigong and yoga offer very practical, accessible and profound tools for living joyfully and passionately in todays world. 

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